About Helen

As you may or may not know my name is Helen and I’m the creator of “Handcrafted with Love”. I’ve had a passion for crafting for most of my life and love creating new, interesting and complex designs.

I’m the mum of 3 gorgeous boys, Callum, Luke, and Tyler. I’m married to Adi (the biggest child of them all!!) and I live in Durham in the North East of England.

Since my boys are now all at school, it has given me time to take my passion for crafting more seriously and turn my hobby into a small bespoke crafting business. I have some of the most up to date, top of the range equipment available so I can create some of the most inventive, beautiful and original creations.

I love being challenged to create something new that the customer cannot find anywhere else, I think that is what makes me different to everyone else is that I will spend time creating something unique just for you, to your specifications and exactly how you – (the customer) would like the product.

So if you can’t see what you would like on my web site, please feel free to message me as I will do what I can to make what you are dreaming of come true!!!

With Love,

Helen. xx